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The Deadlift - Is It Dangerous Or Is It A Must-Do Move?!
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The deadlift has been called the "King Of All Exercises." (Or the Queen...hehe)

But it is also a move many people avoid. A move they avoid out of FEAR

And with good reason. 

I feel like there are a TON of stories out there about lower back injuries being caused by the deadlift. So people just opt to avoid it.
But avoiding this very FUNCTIONAL movement is not the answer!

While it is most definitely a TECHNICAL move that you need to respect, it is one that EVERYONE should be doing in some way, shape or form.

The key is first understanding how to properly perform it and recruit the right muscles while selecting the right variation for you!

We have to realize that the only move that is TRULY DANGEROUS, is the one that you don't know how to perform PROPERLY or don't select the appropriate variation for your needs, goals and current fitness level!

So if you've been afraid to use the deadlift, it's time you learned to master the fundamentals and create proper recruitment patterns.

And that's why I developed my Mastery Series and decided to dedicate a whole COURSE to the deadlift.

Because the deadlift is not only a freaking badass lift, but it CAN be safely used in some VARIATION by basically everyone!

It trains a movement pattern that EVERYONE should learn to master - the hip hinge!

But "mastering" a move is about more than proper form. 

We also need to recognize the role our daily POSTURE plays in our RECRUITMENT PATTERNS!

You need to understand how your "desk job hunch" or "driving slouch" may put you at risk for injury IF you don't first address any mobility restrictions and activation issues!

We must also realize that one size doesn't fit all!

Even if you LOVE the deadlift, the same variation may not be right for everyone!

We must respect moves and recognize that we need to work on those fundamentals first to avoid injury. 

We must understand how to regress and progress the movement and vary it based on our needs.

We also need to understand the different accessory lifts we can use to strengthen our weak points in the deadlift as well as the mobility and activation work we can include to help ourselves not only avoid injury, but even beast mode out some heavy weights.

And then we need some fun workouts to implement to help us use the deadlift in different ways to reach our specific goals!

So if you want some help mastering the deadlift, learn more about my Mastery Series - Deadlift Edition below! 

Whether you are a newer lifter really interested in using the deadlift, an advanced exerciser looking to increase loads or a trainer looking to help your clients feel comfortable using this move, this will be an in depth look at the deadlift and everything you need to know to MASTER it while avoiding injury!
What Is The Mastery Series - Deadlift Edition?
Your Complete Deadlifting Guide - From Form To Variations To Accessory Lifts And Injury Prevention
No matter your level or your goals, there is a deadlift variation right for you.

The key is realizing that one variation is not right for everyone. And we must MASTER that fundamental movement pattern behind the deadlift FIRST.
However, "mastering" a move isn't simply about replicating "proper" form. (Plus, form is a more fluid thing than we realize, which I'll also go over in the course!)

It is also about creating proper recruitment patterns.

What does this mean?

It means you've got to FEEL the right muscles working!!

Too often because of our daily posture we COMPENSATE aka use the wrong muscles to MIMIC a proper movement.

We try to hide our bad movement patterns by using the WRONG MUSCLES!

And this can lead to overload and injury!

It's why you may feel your lower back every time you deadlift, but feel like your form technically LOOKS good!

That is why in my Mastery Series - Deadlift Edition, I go over not only proper form but also how to engage the correct muscles.

This means implementing the proper foam rolling, stretching and activation moves as well as the deadlift variations right for your build and current fitness level.

I'll go over common areas of tightness and common areas of weakness and how to correct them. 

I'll tell you how to get your abs and glutes activated as you improve your spinal and hip mobility so you can avoid lower back pain!

I'll show you how to modify the deadlift so you can not only better target the muscles you want to work, but so that you can make sure the deadlift matches your goals!

Avoiding injury and getting the results you want - from lifting heavier to running faster to losing weight - is about using the variation right for you and BUILDING from there!

We EARN heavier loads and more advanced variations. And sometimes we need to REGRESS TO PROGRESS!

And even if you don't really care about the deadlift specifically, but you do want strong legs, glutes, abs and a strong, sexy back, I'll share modifications right for a variety of needs and goals!

Are you a runner interested in using the deadlift?

I'll share some great single leg progressions that would work well for you!

Are you a beginner just learning the hip hinge?

I'll share variations to help you master the movement pattern while still making sure you're feeling challenged!

Are you an advanced lifter looking to beast mode out heavier weights and avoid injuries?

I'll show you not only how to use different variations to lift more, but also some great accessory moves to strengthen your weak links!

Or maybe you really just want to lose some weight and get lean and strong?

I'll show you how the deadlift can help you build the strong, lean body you've always wanted with some metabolic, fat burning workouts!

AND if you're even a TRAINER with clients looking to do all of the above?! 

I'll teach you more ways to coach this amazing move and show you how to regress, progress and modify the variations for a variety of needs and goals as well as provide you with workouts to help you get started using the deadlift in your training sessions!
In the Mastery Series - Deadlift Edition, you'll get not only articles but also coaching videos. These videos and articles will help you break down the movements and understand the different variations and how you can use them.

You'll also get workouts to help you get started whether you want to increase your deadlift max, use the deadlift to help you burn fat or even use the deadlift to help you AVOID injury!

This course really is your complete guide to mastering the deadlift, even providing you with the mobility and activation work you need to correct your daily posture and the potential compensations it creates!

So if you're ready to master the deadlift, or help your clients master the move, you need to join my Mastery Series TODAY!

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